We can and should expect our commissioners to act ethically and in the best interest of the public; however, we believe Kirkmeyer continually acts in ways that undermine the public’s trust and is therefore deserving of answering to us — her constituents — through the question of a recall, so that we can restore trust, accountability, and transparency to that elected office.

It’s time to show not just Barb Kirkmeyer the power of the citizens, but other elected officials as well.  These people work for us! 

Barb Kirkmeyer will be replaced according to Weld County law, which states her replacement will be voted in by the bi-partisan Weld County Council, and the replacement must also be a Republican as Kirkmeyer is. 

This differs from other counties in Colorado where replacements are selected by the county political party from which the elected official being recalled belongs.

If you are over the age of 18 and a Colorado citizen, you can help collect signatures! You do not need to live in District 3, or even Weld County to help.  To learn more about volunteering, contact Lesley Hollywood by filling out the form here

Absolutely!  Funds will be needed for various aspects of during the recall process.  Donations are much appreciated!  CLICK HERE to make a donation.